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    ♦ Please don't get confused.. My personality is who I am & my attitude depends on who you are!

    ♦ Think positive..... Always be positive.....

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    It is my pleasure to introduce myself as Anshuva Samanta

    I am very tech-savvy. A positive attitude and gaining experience are the keys to a successful life, in my opinion I believe knowledge is about learning and only that can help you. To keep my passion alive, I pick some time from my busy schedule to devote to it.

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    Apple Product Professional, Presales (technical sales) engineer of Apple, Web Hosting and Control Panel, Domain registration & transfer, Squid Server, Voice Communication Server, Game server, Linux Scripts, Windows Server, Linux Server, NAS-configuration, VMware ESXi, Software Virtualization, Ubiquiti products setup, pfSense router setup, SOHO-networks mapping and setup, SOHO-network security, HighEnd Gaming Rig maker.

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